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• Plastic/nylon
• Close-mesh provides safety
• Neck strap fully adjustable
• Colour: black

XS.: 14cm / e.g. Yorkshire Terrier
S: 17cm / e.g. Jack Russel terrier

M: 20cm / e.g. Poodle

M-L :26cm / e.g. Dalmatian

L:31cm / e.g. German Shepherd

L-XL :36cm / e.g. St. Bernard

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  • rohit
    The product is nice and comfortable. I had to make some extra holes in the strap on the small size since it waa loose for my dog. I use it only to give bath to my dog. Hence need to see if water will cause it to deteriorate faster. Overall good purchase.
    2 years ago
  • Teena12
    Superb muzzle is having a hard time understanding what he can and can not chew on. This muzzle has fixed that problem. When first fitting him I needed a couple extra holes for the chin strap, easily fixed with a leather punch. Once that was done he could not slip it off. The chin strap is also removable, so if you wanted to use it with a collar you could. First go round I only had him wear it for 10 minutes and allowed outside play time with his sister. Once playing he didn’t seem to mind it. This muzzle is a bit heavy as the leather is very thick. There is a felt pad on the bridge of the nose for extra comfort. Very well made and no way your dog will chew through this. The only thing I would improve on is ventilation, due to the leather being so thick I can see it being very hot. Be sure to properly measure your pup before purchase! Bonus, your dog kind of looks like Bane with it on! Lol
    2 years ago

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