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Fofos Dotted Mouse is a cute cat toy that mimics an actual mouse with its life-like features. It is made from soft plush polyester fabric resembling a rat or a mouse. This cat-playing toy is battery-operated and can be moved to generate a squeak-like sound which helps grab your cat’s attention. It has imported US-grade dried catnip leaves and grass powder inside. Interactive toys are known to unleash a kitten’s natural desire to chase, nip, play, chew, swat, and even promote harmless biting, scratching, and chewing. Kitten toys are the best way to exercise your cat and keep them alert. Fun engaging toys give your cat the sensation of interacting with an actual mouse or a fish ensuring good physical stimulation while the catnips give them a calm and relaxing experience. Ideal for small pet kittens as well as for older cats of Persian and other breeds as well.


  • Who is this toy for This toy is appropriate for small kittens above the age of 3 months as well as for older cats.
  • Play techniques: Cats can pounce, stalk, chase, trail, and nibble on this toy.
  • Why should you buy it: It mimics an actual mouse with its life-like features including the soft plush fabric and the sound chip which gives rise to a squeak. The toy is battery operated where the tail acts as a string that can be pulled, allowing the mouse to vibrate for a few seconds. The US-grade catnip on the inside will assuredly keep your cat immersed in this toy.
  • Fun fact: 66% of all cats carry the “Catnip Gene” which makes them react favorably to the calming and stress-reducing catnip. Not sure if your cat carries this gene? Try this toy to find out!

Sizing: The size of the toy is 12 x 6 x 6 cm.

How to use: We recommend consistent and scheduled playtime. Start with five-minute a-day sessions. Just like a dog needs a walk, a cat needs playtime!
What is Catnip: Catnip is a plant related to mint and contains an essential oil called nepetalactone that is known to cause euphoric, calming, and relaxing effects on cats. Catnip in small doses is completely safe, and non-addictive for your kitten as the effects last about 10 mins for most cats.

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Product Name FOFOS Dotted Mouse
Product Type Cat Toy
Net Quantity 1 Pack
Net Weight or Dimensions 120ml
Imported & Marketed by Anurag Kaloya  2/12, Basera CHS, Siddharth Nagar, Road No 9, Near Ekta Tripolis Tower, Goregaon (W), Mumbai 400104
Country of Origin Available India
MRP 510/- (Inclusive of all taxes)
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Shop Location Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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