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The Trixie Petwalk Folding Ramp is a great way for your pet to go down from higher surfaces without having to jump. Jumping down or climbing up places strain on their joints, which can be painful for senior pets or those with joint problems. This folding ramp was created with convenience in mind. It's easy to store at home or in your car, and it can be unfurled as needed. It is easy to handle because it is constructed of plastic. The ramp has an anti-slip covering that offers your pet a better grip as they go down it. It can also be used on younger pets to protect their joints from wear and tear. This ramp can be used to assist your dogs in entering and exiting vehicles or other surfaces.


    • Highly recommended in case of arthrosis & arthritis.
    • Can also be used for preventive measures.
    • Protects joints of pets.
    • Anti-slip coating.
    • Made of high-quality plastic.
    • Collapsible.
    • Multi-purpose use.
    • Easy to clean.
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    Product Name IATA Set for Skudo
    Product Type   Pet Transport & travel
    Net Quantity   4 Units
    Imported & Marketed by   ABK Imports Pvt Ltd. Warehouse No. 12~13, Gat No. 2337/1,  Pune Trade Center, Opp Mapple Hotel, Wagholi, Pune 412207. India
    Country of Origin  Germany 
    MRP 7,500/-
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    Shop Location No 71/49 7th cross 2nd main Wilson Garden 560027 Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
    • sanji
      I didn’t realize that ups had dropped this at the end of my driveway. I accidentally ran over the box with my tractor, which is not some dinky lawn machine. It’s a heavy duty “pick up a couple of logs and put them over there” machine. I wanted to cry when I realized what I’d done because I’d been so excited to finally be able to get my old German shepherd into my truck without covering myself in mud. I was sure the ramp would be smashed to pieces, but to my surprise it was in great condition after being smooshed into the ground by my tractor. One corner had a crack, but the ramp functions perfectly. My kids have used it for bikes and toy cars. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.
      2 years ago
    • home
      Really pleased with this product, bought to help my 8 yo GSD girl get up and down from the 70cm+ height boot of my Freelander. The ramp is made from hard, (I hope) durable plastic with a steel bolt through the hinge so I can't imagine will snap under the weight of my doggie (35kg). The ramp simply folds in two and is compact and light enough to shove in and out of the backseat/boot. When opened out the chunky plastic ridges act as support for the hinge so there is minimal flexing as she climbs up and down. She was so excited to see it come out of its postal box she couldn't wait to try it out. I set it up for her to climb onto the sofa first, and there was little hesitation when I asked her to use it getting into the boot of the car. I would give 6 stars if the product had a more anti-slip coating. There are 1mm deep ridges imprinted in the surface which are still a bit slippery. I got round this by ordering a harness PetSafe EasySport Harness, Large, Black whose sewn-in handle I can grab and both steady her, and take some of her weight going up and down the ramp. The ramp and the harness together seem to be the perfect combo to save her joints. PS I might get Velcro tape and stick it to the ridges but for now, we're okay. Thanks Trixie for a very good value product as I didn't want to buy a telescopic ramp as I know how heavy and cumbersome they are.
      2 years ago

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