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Nothing says love like Sheba Deluxe Cat Food, containing perfect cuts of real tuna in jelly form. Your adult pet cat adores the taste of real meat and Sheba ensures your cat savours every bit of it through its range of premium cat food. This protein in gravy recipe also contains essential vitamins and minerals, so this premium palate for your cat delivers a mouth-watering feast, without compromising on the goodness. Treat your furry friend to the satisfying taste of Sheba wet cat food because believe it or not, Sheba is what your cat wants! 


  • Suitable for adult cats of all breeds
  • Pure Tuna Meat in Jelly Form
  • digestible, adds support to sustain the heart
  • Helps to keep their skin coat shiny, smooth and strong
  • A complete meal for their all-round nutrition
  • 85 g Can be used in cat food 
Tuna White Meat, Gelling Agents.
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Shop Location Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • devi
    My cat likes is but I still think it’s too expensive.
    5 months ago
  • vijay12
    Reviewed in India on 30 March 2022 Style Name: 1.2 Kilograms (Pack of 2)Pattern name: Ocean FishVerified Purchase Seriously it was a gamble for me after seeing so many bad reviews. Still I gave it a shot as I was going use cat food for the first time as an alternative to home food and damn sure my cat is a very fussy eater or can say that for the most cats. Having this cat food for the first time my cat loved it. I served 15 gms with small quantity of water. She ate it completely and wanted more for atleast half an hour, then only her tummy was satisfied. And now here comes the tricky part. If your cat ask for more don't fall for it. Remember cat food, dog food or fish food pellets tends to blot after sometime. So at first your pet will still feel hungry and will ask for more. Give them an hour or so. Then if they're still feeling hungry then only give more. And for sure you will never face blotting or vomiting problem. Also if you are using cat food for the first time than this can be your choice or if already using another one then start mixing both in smaller quantities at first than increase the desired food slowly. And order for smaller pack first thanks to pet cartel.
    5 months ago

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