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Taiyo Pluss Discovery Turtle Food for Dry New Born Turtle Food (Bucket) - SUMI PETS Sumi Pets Taiyo Pluss Discovery Turtle Food 1kg Round Container 1 kg Dry New Born Turtle Food. All turtles, as well as other reptiles and aquatic amphibians, can eat TAIYO Discovery TURTLE Meal since it is a comprehensive and balanced nutritional staple food. To encourage growth and maintain turtles' health, it contains every type of high-quality protein as well as vitamins and minerals. This meal is easy to eat and does not muddy the water because it is made specifically to fit the turtles' diet habits in terms of size and shape. The TAIYO Discovery Turtle encourages a robust shell structure and improves disease resistance.


  • Advanced formula and balanced health
  • Quantity: 1kg
  • Complete diet with stable Vitamin C helps in proper growth and development.
  • Protein rich food with the right amount of vitamins and minerals ensures a healthy immune system.
  • The new and enriched formula ensures maximum palatability.
  • The specially designed floating sticks enable easy chewing for the turtle.
  • Ideal for all turtles.
  • comes with conditioner
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