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Hygiene is particularly important for cats. They love to groom their fur extensively. A cat’s surroundings should also be kept hygienically clean. We offer various brushes or lint rollers to remove cat hairs from furniture and upholstery. To keep a cat litter box fresh, cat litter deodorizers and sprays are suitable. And if something misses the mark, there are wipes, special stain removers, or hygiene sprays to get rid of it fast and lastingly.

Key Features:

  • Fragrance-free cat litter deodorizer
  • Neutralizes unpleasant smells
  • Refreshes indoor air
  • Extends the time the litter can be used
  • Suitable for small or large cats

Direction to use:

  •  Start with a clean, empty litter box, and pour enough powder in to cover the bottom.
  •  Add litter, as usual, can be any type including clay, scoopable or natural.
  •  Sprinkle extra powder on top and mix in.
  •  Between litter changes sprinkle the extra powder on top and mix in to freshen and prevent odors longer. Fragrance-free litter deodorizer.
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  • vijay12
    This is good at removing pet litter odour and leaving the area smelling fresh.
    2 years ago

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