2-Way Dog Flap, with Tunnel - ABK Imports

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For dogs (size M–XL). Flexible transparent flap silent action. Lockable with the removable metal rear panel. Includes tunnel element. Depth 19–32 mm. Can be extended with more tunnel elements. Total measurements 39 × 45cm. Cut out size 33 × 40cm. Flap size 30.8 × 38cm. 3 years guarantee. Plastic.

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Shop Location Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • bannty
    Made of strong plastic, it was a DIY job for me. Working well, my jackrussel is enjoying the new freedom.
    4 months ago
    I have two 30 pound and there is plenty of room for them to get through. We installed this in the door leading to our basement so the dog can get to the dog litter. They were a little unsure of it at first but we coaxed them with some treats and they had it figured it out pretty quick. My husband took the door off the hinges to install it and he didn’t have any trouble installing it.
    5 months ago

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