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Has 2 doors, front and lateral. Doors with 2 safety closures each. Collapsible. Plastic tray made of ABS. Galvanised.

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Shop Location Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • rajat
    I love this crate. It’s a great size for my Yorkie. Might be a bit big for travelling, so will need to guest an alternate one if we ever get to go anywhere!
    5 months ago
  • Ishana12
    Very good park for small dogs or puppies. We bought it to make a separation for our puppy (Bern's herd) since we separated half a dining room when we left him alone when we left to work and I have to say that it is perfect for that purpose but I put some chairs to hold it because this is meant to be completely closed. Also to say that we treat them well in united and folded would only need to close the last one to make it as a park. Finally add that it carries wires in the form of a for the clearing to the floor of a garden for example. (For tile they would not be valid). In general very happy with the purchase because for the price it has I have a fence of almost 5 meters to make a half dining enclosure and thus protect the sofa and TV.
    6 months ago

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